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Caronte Log

For a good menagement of the system , can not miss the tools of analysis and control.
Has been choosen the XML format that allows the chance of elaboration of the logs also from external applications.
As indicated before the LOG level can be customized.
The levels are:

  1. NO LOG
  2. LOG 1
  3. LOG 2
  4. LOG 3
  5. DEBUG

From level "LOG 1" to the level "LOG 3" every phase gives more information about the communication between client and MTA of cooperation and about the state of the features with the relative results.

The DEBUG level, as well as report every type of movement done inside Caronte Antispam, active a copy of the messages in text format in the directory “debugger” inside the root directory of the software, every message inside this particular directory of work of Caronte Antispam is divided in file cataloged by connection id.
We suggest to activate the DEBUG level only if there are crash problems or missed delivery of the messages from Caronte Antispam, because this take many resources and can occupy a lot of disk space.

In this properties page, we will find on the right the configuration of the “log rotation time”.
These can be register according to a precise time or dimension.
Every time that Caronte Antispam will make the log rotation, logs will be register in the directory "LOGS" of the software, where every file quotes in the name the date/time of the archivation.

Search functions
It's possible to search in the current and in the archieved logs, a precise word in the field that you want.
The field “word” to search, permits the use of the regular expressions, for make an example, it's possible to search a specific connection ID or more of them simply using a R.E.

Search in the log the word “1234|3456” in the “id conn” field in the current log.
The search will return, in full, both connections, indeed the “|” operator (pipe) inside a R.E. indicates an “or”.

The fields where you can search are:

    • date
    • time
    • entry (that is the log text)
    • id conn (that indicates in unique way the connection id inside Caronte Antispam)
    • type (this is a property of Caronte Antispam that catalogues the log in groups)

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