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Dante Community

As mentioned in the section “SPAM TRAP”, the Dante's Community , with the help of all the “Caronte Antispam” software that are all around the web, tries to block spammers and the population of abusive email list for send spam , using the announcement of a “SPAM TRAP” to the community.
With this contributive announcement, the community will enjoy an experience made by yourself of a trapped spam message .
The thing that is notified to the community isn't the true message, but it's a vector, the IP and the calling MAILFROM in pair and converted in MD5 signature, so that the reverse enginnering of the pair can't be clearly read by anyone, (even from who manages the database), this for take care of every form of privacy.

The sharing of ads on "Dante's Community" is been discipled by some servers, called “DCS” that means “Dante Community Server”, that will answer to the direct interrogation of the “Caronte Antispam” clients about the behavior of some pair.

In the specific we have two easy ways to access to the community:

  1. The “SPAM TRAP ads” that will populate the DCS databases
  2. Those who asks for know if a single pair “IP and MAILFROM” has already made Spam.


The access to the community is free, but it is discipled by a key that identifies your calling IP and your “Caronte Antispam” installation in unique way.
For request the key, follow this link.

Once got the key it's possible to customize inside "Caronte antispam", using scores, the answer that we'll receive from the community.
The answers are divided in three MACRO categories:

  2. FAIL


The answers are based on the number of the announcements made by different IP's and particular algorithms that govern the veracity.
In case of no occurences in database, the server will reply with “NEUTRAL”, that has the zero value inside Caronte Antispam and it's not configurable.

The access to the servers of “DCS”, is obtained automatically from the “Caronte Antispam” client after the insert of a valid key in the configuration.
The use of the key isn't for block the system but only for monitoring eventual damaging insertions. In the future will be released the full documentation about the protocoll for eventual comunications also from software that aren't “Caronte Antispam”..


The community idea, has born from the marriage between the email “spam-trap” and the sharing of the spam experience with the other users. Internet, as we all know, offers those possibilities and the sharing in real time of experience is indeed the soul of internet. Doesn't use this peculiarity would be a true sin. In this community there is no success ambition, but we think that many times the most effective method is the simpliest.
The resources used by “Caronte Antispam” for this method are few, both in terms of network and CPU. The system looks like DNS calls, but with a buffer that isn't bigger than 70 bytes.
If the community grows, we will can block, in real time and with automatic processes, the massive send of spam, with the advantage that most of our "GOOD" email addresses mixed with “MAIL SPAM TRAP”, will be removed from the spammer's lists. Furthermore in a future the method will be able to constrain the spammers to be afraid of use “CRAWLING” software for the research of emails in the web, infact the community could catch them.


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