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Antispam Level ZERO

This is the first level of Antispam that unlike from next levels, doesn't need of the MTA of cooperation.
So it's possible to enable the ZERO level only as global and not as property of a local domain, infact Caronte Antispam can't know ,in this context, who will be the destination of the message.

Setting - caronte Antispam server

This consists simply in interview the public database of IP banned, using DNS queries.
Providers who provide these services are many, we have surveyed 7, assessed with the scores and were included in the default configuration of Caronte Antispam.
These DNSBL providers may be reassessed or changed to your liking and according to your needs.


This feature is used for the false positive, disabling this check on surveyed IPs.
Many times the DNSBL providers, make some “prisoners” recklessly, enter entire IP's class within their databases, and don't remove them anymore also after many requests.
We found ourself many times, to fill online FORM for remove IP which did not lead to anything.
This indeed is the biggest problem of this antispam technique, so we suggest of choose carefully your DNSBL and quotas, making the right assessments.

Rejects if Max Hit

If it was made a good choise of the DNSBL providers, quoted right every single DNSBL server, and you have plenty trust in your choise, you can activate this feature, that magically can resolve huge problems of load to your transport MTA and traffic on your network.

The operation is simply, if the enquiry in the DNSBL reach the indicated positive answers number in MAX HIT, and the feature is configured on “REJECT”, Caronte Antispam will reject immediately the connection with a “550” RFC error.
So we repeat the concept of give a good value to your DNSBL if you use this feature with the REJECT.

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