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Internal CRON

With the last release came the need to schedule some operations, those must interact in active mode with the system, this has brought us to develope a scheduler called with a lot of fantasy "CRON".
The logical principles for use are almost simple and it's enough to respect some basic rules for understand the functionality.


As you can see in the image you can schedule internal procedures using this logic:

run at "24 minutes" of the "8th" hour of every days of the month, of every month, of every week day, of every year, the following procedure.
It's possible also to use operators to indicate a range, for example a "*/5", in minutes field, simply indicates that "EVERY" 5 minutes the procedure can run.
It's possible also to create lists of time range , defined by you, for example : "1-2-3-5-7-11-13-17-19-23-29-31-37" inserted in minutes field, can run a procedure called "primes.cs".

The procedure to be run must be manually loaded by FTP and must be a script developed in "Carontese Pcode" and with the right environment declared inside.

We advice to don't understimate this particular "function" of Caronte Antispam, that could resolve a lot of management issues, like a syncronization between two MX servers, the update of the domains with the relative properties, taking datas from MySQL database.

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