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Caronte Scripting
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Caronte Pcode Language (Alias Carontese)

Il Carontese Pcode Language, is an ANSI C/C++ language, with an owner interpreter that permits to manipulate the configuration and the current mechanisms of the software Caronte Antispam v.2.
The mechanisms and the functions both of the antispam and of the Web Gui of the second version of Caronte Antispam are written in this language.

The "types" of base variable defined are the following: “int”,”float”,”string”,”pointer”.
Rules apply of the ESCAPE sequence, the logic operators and comparison, the mathematic operations, the autoincrement operators and autodecrement, the operators of allocation and memory clear, "new" and "delete" and all the base rules of ANSI C/C++ languages. Needs only particular attention for the CAST between different types of variable.
All the data inside the script are "CASE SENSITIVE", both the name of the functions and the name of variables.
It's possible to use a variable if previously declared or use a function if previously structured, therefore applies the "terms of scope".


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